Scooped (Springtrap edition)

Age: 6+

Status: Work in progress


Freddy and his friends get revenge on Purple guy. Now a new night guard comes in.Will he survive or ……….well…….you will see.


Freddy,Bonnie,Foxy,Chika,Springtrap,Purple Guy/William Afton Micheal Afton,Circus Baby,Ballora,Funtime Freddy, Bon Bon and Funtime foxy

Chapter 1:

At Freddy Fazbears Pizzarea, the nightshift is well……um…..hard? The evil nightguard William Afton m*******s children.He and the animatronics only know though one night, the animatronics planned revenge.They would sneak trough the halls and …well………kiiiiii……., NO keep this PG ,Boink him.And it was successful !Well………………… now he is Springtrap.

Chapter 2

Michel goes down the elevator to Circus Baby Pizza World where Circus Baby,Ballora,Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy now stay. He goes down as normal and then HandUnit says “Error Non human moment in elevator” Micheal was scared and worried.He thought he would DIE! But it was Springtrap. He did know that his father when missing and he did not know that he was his father.

Chapter 3

Micheal crawls through the vent and checks the stages. They are not there, strange. He goes through Ballora Gallary. He sees Circus baby in Parts and Services.Then she goes to the scooping room

Chapter 4

He walks to the scooping room.All the funtimes parts are scattered around the room.He is scared. Springtrap is with Enarnd. “Come on do it!” says Enarnd. “No I cant Kill my own SON!” Says Springtrap. Then Enarnd just puts Circus Babys voice to trick him and then he gets scooped.

The end!

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